Water Management

Water Management

Commercial Water and Waste Water charges are often overlooked as an opportunity to save money.

Switching Supplier

England & Wales

Any business that has at least one site in England that uses more than 5ML (megalitres) of water per year can switch water supplier. In 2017 the whole business market will be opened up in England for the very first time (Wales has opted out of deregulation) and this will no doubt create an opportunity for all businesses to save money.


In 2008 the Scottish Water market was deregulated (the first country in the world to do so). All businesses no matter what size can now switch both water supplier and waste water supplier

We have been able to make some worthwhile savings and have witnessed a vast improvement in customer service between the different providers.

A structured Approach to Water Management

Great savings can be achieved from our structured audit and implementation process which is designed to ensure that you:

  • Identify and repair water leaks
  • Have accurate billing
  • Minimise water consumption
  • Have the correct sized meter
  • Are on the best tariff structure
  • Choose the most competitive supplier (Scotland only)

Let EUC examine your water invoices to identify the most appropriate water charging structure for each of your properties, and to ensure that your currently supplier has been billing you correctly.

Water Consumption

In addition to examining your water billing, a site survey performed by one of our water consultants can help identify areas where your water consumption can be reduced. Making even small changes to the way your business operates can save water and significantly reduce costs. Our consultants can:

  • Identify areas where simple water-saving devices can reduce consumption by up to 40%
  • Detect water leaks and overflows withing your business
  • Assess your water pressure to determine savings opportunities
  • The most appropriate water charging structure for each of your properties

Accurate Monitoring of Consumption

We have extensive experience installing data logging equipment and providing access to highly detailed consumption data. This allows us to identify savings opportunities which would otherwise go undetected. By installing a water logger and analysing the water flow rates through your meters, we can:

  • Check that your meter is correctly sized
  • Measure your maximum and minimum flow rates for potential pressure problems.
  • Prepare your organisation for an automated monitoring and targeting solution
  • Eliminate the need for manually reading meters located in difficult or confined spaces

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