Monitoring & Targeting

Monitoring and Targeting

The cheapest kWh is the one you don't use!
Energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) is an energy efficiency technique based on the management axiom "you cannot manage what you cannot measure".

Last year The Carbon Trust found that (M&T) schemes can yield savings of 10% for many businesses on their gas and electricity spend. Our five stage (M&T) solution uses smart metering technology and our energy management software to highlight energy waste without the need for time consuming manual analysis:

Stage 1 - Assessment & Cost reduction Proposal
No one understands your business as well as you do. Before any saving opportunities can be highlighted we need to gain a good understanding of how your business operates by reviewing your current metering arrangements, establishing how, where and when your gas, electricity and water consumption takes place. As part of this exercise we will provide a FREE energy saving proposal that will hopefully highlight saving opportunities and explain in non jargon terms how our service can benefit you

Stage 2 - Measurement
It is impossible to identify ways to reduce your consumption if we can't accurately measure it first. This is where smart metering comes in. We will work with you to ensure that the most appropriate metering and data collection services are implemented. We manage the project from start to finish and typically provide you, ourselves and the supplier with your data on at least a half hourly basis.

Stage 3 - Data Analysis & Targeting
Once we have the meter reads it is a case of deciding how best to use them. This is where our own in house energy software comes into play. We will provide you with online access to eSight – the world's most advanced energy management software available. Without going into too much detail, our software allows you to view and analyse your consumption data, and with our assistance establish any unusual consumption patterns. Key variables such as production, occupancy or weather can be incorporated into the analysis and help you understand how these relationships influence your consumption. We can benchmark performance against any given period, or compare and contrast different sites.

Stage 4 - Respond & Review
With excess or unusual consumption being automatically identified, the software can make you aware of this by email or text message. Alerts are sent as soon as possible after the event took place so identifying the cause of the excess consumption is made considerably easier. Common ways to prevent a reoccurrence of excess consumption is to examine your on-site equipment, re-schedule energy intensive processes, reduce wastage from personnel behaviour or installing new or improved equipment

Stage 5 - Record & Repeat
Moving forward, the process becomes self perpetuating in that positive behaviour is reinforced and corrective action leads to continuous improvements in the cycle.

The money, time and expertise required to set up M&T system is often beyond the reach of many SMEs. With EUC a cost effective solution is only a phone call away!

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EUC work continuously responding to our queries and checking our invoices to ensure meter readings and rates are correct. They even recovered almost £15,000 of disputed charges dating back years before their involvement in the account.

March 2015
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Operations Manager
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