Proactive Market Tracking

Proactive Market Tracking


Experience has told us that the greatest saving on future energy contracts does not come from approaching all the suppliers on any given day and trying to get the best rates. Whilst shopping around is a vital part of the procurement process it is only ever likely to highlight a differential of approximately 5% between the highest and lowest supplier.

The most effective way of achieving the greatest saving on your energy contracts in today’s volatile market is the timing of when you buy your contract and how long you fix contracts for. We have extensive experience in tracking energy markets and making the right decisions at the right time

Most businesses don’t have time to track the energy market all year-round.

Our proven approach to securing the best energy rates for you:

  • Contact you with your indicative renewal price up to 12 months before your current contract ends.
  • Pro-actively track the energy market and provide you with weekly updates on your renewal prices.
  • Keep in regular contact with you.
  • When conditions are favourable, EUC will approach ALL the suppliers for prices.
  • Recommend the right contract structure, at the right price, with the right supplier, at the right time

Our bespoke Weekly Market Tracker Report helps clients to decide when to fix energy prices in a volatile environment. Most consultants use generic wholesale charts but clients relate more comfortably to information based upon their own costs and consumption profiles..

We email you the report each week with a market commentary. The charts and tables are updated with the most recent pricing data to show clients what their indicative renewal costs are for their next contract. This lets clients see at a glance exactly how market volatility is affecting their budgets and creates a dialogue between us and the client throughout the year.

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The benefits of using  EUC include the confidence that when we renew our energy contracts we will have had the market reports and guidance for weeks before so we know we are getting the best deal currently available as they will have been pro-actively tracking the energy market and providing us with weekly updates on our renewal prices

May 2015
Steven Craig
Health, Safety & Engineering Manager
Flexcon Europe


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