Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement


With suppliers offering a range of fixed and flexible supply contracts it really can be difficult knowing what is right for you.

The energy markets remain as volatile as the stock markets and tracking prices to capitalise on any falls is proving to be the most effective way of minimising costs on your next contract.

Our approach is to ask the right questions, analyse the responses and report a balanced view of the options considering:

  • Energy price
  • Contract Duration
  • Fixed or Pass Through of Third party charges
  • Green or brown energy
  • Credit appraisal
  • Take or pay commitments

We also consider less obvious issues like:

  • Evaluating Third Party Charge variations between short and long contracts to get a true comparison
  • Aligning group contract end dates
  • Reducing contract costs through seasonal advantage (e.g. 2 summers and 1 winter)

We provide an impartial comparison so clients can see which option offers the lowest cost and least risk of price variation during the contract.

We advise clients with credit issues on Parent Company Guarantees or products with no deposit in return for a higher contract rate.

We report Take or pay commitments, especially if there is a possible variance in consumption which cannot be controlled, such as the failure of a CHP unit.

Our comprehensive energy management service includes:

  • Extensive analysis of your current arrangements.
  • Recommendations to minimise your electricity transmission, distribution, metering and data collection costs.
  • Recommendations to minimise your gas transportation, metering and data collection costs.
  • Access to competitive gas and electricity rates though our relationship with the UKs leading aggregator for corporate energy contracts.
  • Carefully managed implementation of your contracts.
  • Our invoice validation service to ensure your supplier invoices are correct.

Business Managers love wholesale market movements are affecting their future contract renewal costs.


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Our 5 Point Energy Management Plan includes these services:

1. Minimise your energy rates with our Proactive Market Tracking Procurement Service
2. Save time and money with our Invoice Validation Service & Contract Admin Service
3. Control your consumption and costs using our Online Energy Management Software
4. Recover historic overcharges from our Retrospective Analysis
5. Reduce your consumption with our Energy Efficiency Audit & Implementation Service




In 2011 when reviewing our own energy procurement arrangements we considered several alternatives and chose EUC as a trustworthy and dependable partner.

EUC now manage the gas and electricity supplies at our main production facilities and procure energy for 22 of our growers.

The support given to me and my team has been invaluable and the reduction in my workload is measurable. It is of enormous comfort to know that any issues concerning my energy contracts will be dealt with in a proactive, timely and professional manner.

March 2015
Russell White
Head of Engineering and Sustainability
Albert Bartlett & Sons Limited



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