Successful Delegation involves turning the Right Tasks over to the Right People

Most businesses simply don't have sufficient time or expertise to:

  • Know when market conditions are most favourable to close an energy contract
  • Have access to pricing from all the utility suppliers
  • Have sufficient purchasing power to negotiate the best supplier rates available
  • Deal with supplier invoice validations particularly on more complex multi-site operations
  • Negotiate a satisfactory outcome on any supplier billing disputes.

Since 1996 we have been dealing with these and many other issues on a day to day basis.

  • Professional Award Winning Cost Reduction Services
    We have a proven approach to utility contract management which is why we are the 2015 Winner for Scotland of the Npower sponsored TELCA Award and were a UK finalist in the Energy Live News Consultancy Awards 2015.Independent Commercial Advice

We are not affiliated to any one supplier and always act in the interest of our clients.

  • Complimentary No Obligation Utility Review
    Following initial contact we will conduct a detailed survey of your current position, with consideration given to your preferences and objectives
  • We will then advise appropriate action to meet your objectives and if necessary make a recommendation to match your needs.

Energy Procurement: Technical Analysis and Tendering

The optimal contract structure is like choosing a suit. The best fit must be determined by the person who wears it. Our approach is to ask the right questions, analyse the responses and report a balanced view of the options considering:

  • Energy price
  • Contract Duration
  • Fixed or Pass Through of Third party charges
  • Green or brown energy
  • Credit appraisal
  • Take or pay commitments

We also consider less obvious issues like:

  • Evaluating Third Party Charge variations between short and long contracts to get a true comparison
  • Aligning group contract end dates
  • Reducing contract costs through seasonal advantage (e.g. 2 summers and 1 winter)

We provide an impartial comparison so clients can see which option offers the lowest cost and least risk of price variation during the contract.

We have a colour coded traffic lights system to signify Fully Fixed, Fixed to a Tolerance or Pass Through so clients can make informed choices.

We advise clients with credit issues on Parent Company Guarantees or products with no deposit in return for a higher contract rate.

We report Take or pay commitments, especially if there is a possible variance in consumption which cannot be controlled, such as the failure of a CHP unit.

Energy Procurement: A bespoke Weekly Market Tracker Report

Most businesses don’t have time to track the energy market year-round.

Through diligence and good organisation all clients with renewals in 2015 were tendered, tracking the market and poised to lock off contracts toward the end of January when energy rates were at their lowest point. Many made valuable savings, offsetting increases in green taxes and providing positive feedback to us.

The most effective way of achieving the biggest savings on your energy contracts in today’s volatile market is the timing of when you buy your contract and how long you fix contracts for. We have extensive experience in tracking energy markets and making the right decisions at the right time.

All Recommendations Subject to Approval

We will not implement any recommendation or arrange any contracts without first getting your approval first.

You may be delegating the work but you will not be delegating the control!

Professional Implementation

Having highlighted the most appropriate contract and confirmed the savings, we will manage the implementation process.

If the supply is transferring to another supplier we track the registration and ensure the contract commences on the agreed date at the agreed rates. Any security deposits held by your current supplier will be returned to you in a timely fashion.

Accurate Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgets and forecasts are an essential part of the business and scenario planning process.

For a business to grow and survive in today's dynamic environment where profit margins are squeezed and businesses are forced to operate with lower costs, budgeting and forecasting are essential financial disciplines for business success.

Our analysts are experts at evaluating usage data and forecasting future energy expenses. We use this data to create month-by-month, year on year budgets that include both usage and expenses, so that you avoid unforeseen budget variations.

We use your contracted supply rate together with the most up-to-date third party delivery costs to project a comprehensive view of your overall energy expenditure. These budgets have proven to be excellent tools that assist our clients in successfully managing their energy spend.





As a result of your specialist guidance and advice we have achieved a fantastic result on our Gas & Electricity contracts.

We are most grateful for the excellent service you have provided us.

Feb 2015
Chee Tao
Procurement Manager
Genius Foods


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