We have compiled a list of questions we are frequently asked and noted the answers below.

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Once I've contacted European Utility Consultants what is the procedure?
An initial meeting or telephone conversation to discuss your circumstances and establish how we might be able to help you. Once we have received recent billing for each supply, details of annual consumption and contract end dates we will be able to complete initial analysis and provide our recommendations. Please remember our service is designed to highlight savings.

Why use EUC to cut expenses and possibly recover funds from overpayment?
We have over 20 years experience and in that time have saved organisations considerable amounts of time and money. We use industry leading software to analyse your bills and identify savings. Our staff are trained to review supplier invoices, analyse contracts and tender for new contracts at the optimum time. The knowledge, experience and analysis we perform cannot be replicated by in-house personnel.

I think we are overpaying for our utilities, can EUC help?
Yes. We frequently identify overpayment of utilities and other billing errors. If you have entered a contract which we believe is unfair we will explore any opportunities to renegotiate the contract and save you money.

What do EUC services cost?
There are several fee structures which can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements. We can operate on a share of saving, fixed fee or a commission payable by the supplier.

How much can EUC save my company?
Savings are influenced by many factors, including volume, number of locations, supplier pricing, and the terms of your current contracts with the various vendors. Our proposal and discussions will clearly state any savings opportunities.

What if I do not agree with your recommendations or do not wish to switch suppliers?
It is up to you. EUC does not make any changes without your consent.

What kind of clients does EUC serve?
Our clients represent a vast range of commercial sectors: Manufacturing, Public Sector, Hospitality, Retail, Agriculture and Office Buildings.

Are your services truly objective?
We are an independent business cost consultancy. We work with many different suppliers to find the lowest cost for your business while maintaining your standard of service. We represent you as our client, not any supplier.

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